The Department of Reform Coordination and Service Improvement (RC&SI) was established by a circular with Ref. no. HCSF/CMO/EM/243/17 dated 11th March 2014. The Department is to drive and ensure proper Coordination of the Federal Government initiatives. The Department which is headed by a Director has three (3) divisions namely: The Reform Coordination, Service Improvement (SERVICOM) and Service Innovation. These Divisions are headed by Deputy Directors with fourteen supporting staff to carry out the mandates of the Department.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Department

a. Manage the Department to serve as a focal point for driving all change, reform, innovation, and improvement efforts within the Ministry in line with the overall framework set by BPSR, OHCSF, and Central Agencies of Government.

b. Work with the leadership of the Ministry to identify processes, systems and service gaps with BPSR and OHCSF to develop interventions to eliminate such gaps.

c. Coordinate, drive, monitor, and report on the Reform Agenda for the Ministry.

d. Manage and drive SERVICOM aims and initiatives within the Ministry.

e. Troubleshoot service failures and develop proposals to address them.

f. Research and identify good practices that can be adopted /adapted to improve service delivery in the Ministry.

g. Liaise with the Ministry’s Department and the OHCSF to develop, refine, improve and recommend more efficient processes and systems for the Ministry to achieve its objectives.

h. Develop and launch initiatives to drive and mainstream a continuous service improvement culture within the Ministry.

i. Develop and deploy change management tools and practices to institute sustainable improvement in the Ministry.

j. Assist the leadership of the Ministry to articulate and coordinate their change agenda in line with service policies and standards.

k. Initiating, planning and implementing all innovative initiatives aimed at building a strong culture of innovation in the Public Service.

l. Identifying and reaching out to the development partners for necessary support aimed at developing and implementing innovation programs.

m. Relates with management for the development and full implementation of identified innovative solutions.

n. Headhunting for innovative top fliers for proper engagement in the Service.

o. Undertaking sensitization campaigns necessary for assimilating innovation in the Service.

p. Tracking trends and competitions in innovation to adopt some for implementation in the Service.

q. Documenting, monitoring and evaluating all identified innovative ideas in Service.

r. Ensuring full usage and commercialization of all adopted innovative initiatives in the MDAs.

s. Rendering periodic reports on innovative identified ideas to Management.

t. Mandated to ensure the effective implementation of the newly launched FCSSIP25 which is designed to enhance service delivery and engender economic and sustainable development.

Head of Department

Oladayo Osiagwu

Divisions/ Units