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Lead-Zinc ores usually occur together; they are often associated with copper and silver.  They occur in commercial quantities in the northeast and central region of Nigeria. The estimated reserve is well over 10 million tons of lead and 80,000 tons of zinc spread over eight states in Nigeria. Lead-Zinc is used in construction, ammunition, television tubes, nuclear shielding, ceramics, weights, and tubes or containers, as protective coating on steel, as die casting, as an alloying metal with copper to make brass, and as chemical compounds in rubber and paint. Additional uses include galvanizing iron, electroplating, metal spraying, automotive parts, electrical fuses, anodes, dry-cell batteries, nutrition, chemicals, roof gutters, cable wrapping, and pennies.

Zinc oxide is used in medicine, paints, vulcanizing rubber, and sun-block lotions. Individuals, private firms and Joint venture partners are encouraged to develop and exploit the various lead/zinc deposits all over the country.