The Planning, Research and Statistics Department is the think tank of the Ministry that coordinates short, medium and long-term plans of the Sector. It is also responsible for the coordination, formulation and implementation of policies and programmes; collection, collation, analysis and dissemination of information.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Department

a. Formulation, Coordination, Implementation, Review and Interpretation of Policies in line with the Ministry’s Mandates.

b. Coordinating the matters relating to the National Economic Council, Federal Executive Council and National Council of State.

d. General Coordination of activities of other Departments.

e. Coordination of Bilateral and Multilateral relationships with countries and organizations in the mining and metal sector.

f. Coordination of Ministerial Platform.

g. Coordination of the implementation of the roadmap for the growth and Development of the Mining Industry via MIST.

h. Organization of National Council on Mining and Mineral Resources Development (NCMMRD).

i. Conducting stakeholders’ engagements in validating research reports/findings Collection, Collation, Analysis and Dissemination of Sector Base Statistical information

j. Conducting research studies into identified and approved projects in the minerals and metals sector.

k. Production of Mines and Steel Journal; Annual Report magazine which captures most outstanding activities that had taken place in the sector in the last one year.

l. Collaborate on research development with Tertiary Institutions and serves as secretariat to the allied Committees.

m. Monitoring and Evaluation of Capital Projects/Programmes of the Ministry and its Agencies.

n. Coordinating the activities of the ministry with Ministry of Budget and National Planning

o. Provision and Maintenance of the Ministry’s ICT Infrastructure.

p. Provision of Library Services.

q. Production of Digest of Statistics.

r. Organization of Integrated Automation and Interactive Solid Mineral Portal (IAISMP) Management

s. Activation of IP Phones for Officers

t. System Profiling of ICT working tools in the Ministry

Purpose: Identify functional, serviceable and non-serviceable systems

v. Creation of Official Email

Purpose: Effective utilization of Official Email for Correspondences

w. MMSD LAN Upgrade by Galaxy Backbone

x. Engaging with Galaxy Backbone on collocation of our Data Recovery Centre, Lagos.

y. Ministerial Retreat.

Head of Department

Kenneth Onwumbiko

Divisions/ Units