The nature of services provided by the Ministry is determined by the roles which it plays and the duties it is expected to perform in the national interest.
Our services and activities revolve around exploration and exploitation in both sectors (Mining and Steel Development) and the enforcement of the laws and regulations. The services listed below are discharged through the Departments, Units, Parastatals and Agencies:

The Services

i. Advising Government on the formulation and execution of laws and regulations guiding all activities in both private and public sectors. 

ii. Provision and dissemination of information on accurate geological data on Nigeria’s mineral resources.

iii. Review & giving approval of Community Development Agreement (CDA).

iv. Provision of statistics on mineral production and revenue generation nationwide.

v. Inspects metallurgical projects and issue certificates of completion after being satisfied with all performance indices in accordance with design specification and contractual obligations.

vi. To sensitize and enlighten the stakeholders, investors and the general Public on the activities, policies and programmes of the sector.

vii. Creating adequate public awareness to the Nigerian populace on the need to use quality steel products for construction and other purposes.

viii. Providing extension service to Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining operators on exploration, exploitation, mineral processing, entrepreneurial training, environmental management, health & safety issues etc.

ix. Issue, suspend and revoke mineral titles and permits subject to applicable laws and regulations, Receive and dispose of applications for the transfer, renewal, modification, relinquishment or extension area.

x. Receiving of applications on Mineral Titles.

xi. Provision/ issuance of relevant publications of the Ministry on application or request.