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The Permanent Secretary of Mines and Steel Development Ministry, Barr. Georgina Ekeoma Ehuriah, MON, has on Tuesday (29th of January 2019) embarked on a facility tour of the Integrated Automated and Interactive Solid Mineral Portal (IAISMP) project of the Ministry, to ascertain the progress that has been made in fast-tracking the completion of the ongoing project for the ease of doing business in the mining sector.

The Integrated Automated and Interactive Solid Mineral Portal (IAISMP) is a multi-faceted and strategic project envisioned by the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development (MMSD) in 2016 as part of its effort to modernize the Mining Sector.  It is an effective and sustainable web-based central repository platform integrated with Geographic Information System (GIS). IAISMP serves as a single entry point for electronic applications submission and processing, data storage, and retrieval, dissemination of real-time information in the mining sector with a goal to block revenue leakages, increase government revenue, ease means of doing business hence attracting new mining investors. Part of the deliveries of the project are;

  1. Needs/Gap Analysis to understand the needs of the ministry and to understand what the gaps
  2. Web Portal: A go-to portal for information dissemination and Application submit and processing within the mining sector which includes Electronic payment, Application Tracking, Reports, and Dashboard. The portal also includes a market place for investors to make research about minerals and Mining Titles. The portal can be accessed here
  3. Geographic Information System (GIS): A centralized GIS portal for the mining sector. This portal contains a visual representation of mining titles (past and present), mineral occurrences, administrative boundary, geological map, hydrological map, etc. The GIS portal can be used for investment research, academic research, etc. The portal can be accessed via this link
  4. Electronic Document Management System (EDMS): For digitization of existing documents for easy access and management of ministry documents and artifacts
  5. Infrastructure: As part of the delivery, state of the art Data Centre (DC) was built within the ministry to host the above systems and a Data Recovery Centre (DRC) in an offsite location to ensure high availability. The DC is powered by a solar inverter to ensure power is available 24 hours every day.

The business goals and objective of IAISMP is to enhance transparency within the sector and its agencies, improve efficiency and speed in processing solid minerals transactions, ensure collaboration between agencies with Solid Minerals-related functions, enhance data quality and credibility of solid minerals statistics, timely reporting, accountability and transparency in the collection of associated revenue and to ensure complete process automation.

Speaking at the occasion, after witnessing a demonstration on the portal, the Permanent Secretary expressed delight at witnessing the priceless project which will indeed pave way for the re-engineering of the mining sector, adding that the operators and other stakeholders will surely appreciate the ease in transaction/services in the mining sector through the e-application.

Barr. Georgina urged the consultants to stick to the timeline of job completion as the portal is globally anticipated to provide an enhanced centralized Geographic Information System (GIS) database; holistic view of all services in the mining sector; rapid and detailed response to client enquiries, thereby, boosting transparency in the sector’s dealings.

Moreso, the need to fully cover the ministry’s trade aspect on the platform and ensure that it (Ministry) is connected to the users of its output. She congratulated the Ministry’s staffs, who are part of the invaluable project, which she described as very apt as the Ministry strives to reposition the sector.

Earlier in his address, the General Manager of WestBlue Consulting, Mr. Bashir Kabir, explained that the project is on the second phase of its pilot testing to ensure that the operators and ministry staff adequately acquire the needed e-applications skills for standard transactions in the sector.

According to him, the IAISMP is a complete modernization project for the mining sector, which among other things, comprises a world-class international data centre which is currently in the Ministry and a data recovery centre site in an offsite location where data are being stored; wide area network for exchange of data over VPN to ensure that all the agencies under the ministry can connect securely to the data centre within the ministry; ERP solution for the internal workforce of the ministry, a GIS platform with  dashboards for the executives of the ministry to view minerals deposits, mining titles, real-time reports to enable them to make faster policy decisions.

He assured that with the platform, efficiency will be supercharged as the operators will have the ease of doing business and perform their transactions with utmost speed, while the Ministry will clearly display maximum efficiency, transparency, and accountability in its activities.

A Consultant, Mr. Newton Kyari made a presentation of one of the e-applications to acquaint the Permanent Secretary with the workings of the system.

It should be recalled that the Ministry initiated this project as part of its effort to modernize the mining sector by providing an effective and sustainable web-based central repository integrated with geographic information (GIS) and other innovative solutions to achieve this goal while reducing revenue leakages, improving the ease of doing business, hence attracting new mining investors.

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