Minister’s Speech at the unveiling of IAISMP

Protocols Introduction


  1. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the leadership and staff of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, I welcome you all to this historic event.


  1. I am pleased to make these few remarks at this occasion, which is the culmination of many months of extensive work by a prodigious team of ministry officials working in concert with a dedicated group of consultants.


  1. Today, we are set to witness a huge step in our efforts to improve the Ease-of-Doing-Business in the mining sector in our great country, as we shall shortly formally unveil our proprietary Integrated Automation and Interactive GIS Web Portal, which is a cutting edge initiative that leverages technology for innovation, efficiency and effectiveness in mineral sector governance.


  1. This event is coming at a very auspicious time. On a broader scale, dividends of this administration’s commitment to turning around our economic fortunes, by simplifying the modalities for entry and participation in our jurisdiction have started yielding positive results. As we all must be apprised, the results of the improvement in Brand Nigeria’s standing in the global market has led to Nigeria’s strong showing in the recently released World Bank report that states that Nigeria has moved up 24 points in the Ease-of-Doing-Business Index for 2018, and ranked as one of the 10 most improved economies in the world.


  1. These welcome developments in the country at this time have had concomitant impact at the sectoral level with increased mining-related activity in Nigeria and a growing number of new entrants and participants in mining in Nigeria.


  1. The World Risk Report on the global mining sector, published by the Mining Journal, indicates that Nigeria has made remarkable improvements in both hard risk and perceived risk factors about conducting business in Nigeria’s mining space. The Nigerian Mining Jurisdiction is now considered to have a better investment risk profile than many countries on the African continent.


  1. The foregoing accounts for the achievements we have made in repositioning the mining sector, with veritable results to show across all indices. We remain focused on our mandate to contribute optimally to the achievement of this administration’s strategic goal of diversifying our economy’s revenue base, creating jobs, and broadening the range of economic opportunities available to Nigerians.


  1. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, in furtherance of our mandate to improve the Ministry’s efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery, we conceived the need for a centralized GIS Web portal with supporting ICT Infrastructure and the automation of ministry services; all backed up by requisite policy framework and human capital development for sustainability.


  1. Accordingly, a sectoral technical committee was constituted in April, 2016 to provide guidance on the said project. The Federal Executive Council gave approval on 11th January, 2017 and the contract was subsequently awarded to West Blue Nigeria Limited after due process. The contract was signed in March, 2017 with the Project commissioned to Go-live before the end of 2017.


  1. The overall objective of the project was to increase provision of reliable information and knowledge to enhance promotion of investment in the sector using technology driven innovation. This would in turn help increase the sector’s GDP contribution significantly.


  1. Part of the deliverables of this project among others include: Business Processes Re-engineering, building of a GIS Web Portal with a Business Automation System, Content Management System (CMS), Geographic Information System (GIS), Decision Support System, collaboration and upgrade of the ICT Infrastructure of the Ministry.


  1. Consequently, the system to be deployed guided by the needs assessment include the following:-


  1. Geospatial database;
  2. Perform Business Processes e.g. Online Mining Licenses and Mineral Titles Application, Online Payment of Royalties & Fees and database for revenue drive;
  • Credible and timely information about the Mining Sector;
  1. Perform and respond to Online Queries, Business Intelligence/Analytics, Reports and Statistical data generation;
  2. GIS mapping representation of resources within the country;
  3. Side stream along the mineral corridor (e.g. mineral occurrence, current infrastructure, land use & land cover, population, socio-economic data and lease titles already allotted for mineral exploration/exploitation;
  • Deployment of Collaborative tools;
  • Deployment of Electronic Document Management System (EDMs);
  1. Deployment of Enterprise Resource Planning System;
  2. Provision of GIS Laboratory;
  3. Provision of Data Centre at Ministry’s Headquarters;
  • Provision of Disaster Recovery facilities within Nigeria;
  • A Wide Area Network (WAN) with Virtual Private Network (VPN) that would link MMSD Headquarters with all its Agencies and
  • Training on GIS, ERP, EDMs and portal navigation


  1. The portal is also designed to serve as an input and Decision Support System to other entities of government such as:
  • Ministry of Science and Technology;
  • Ministry of Power, Works and Housing;
  • Ministry of Environment;
  • Ministry of Health;
  • Ministry of Water Resources;
  • Ministry of Agriculture;
  • Ministry of Industry, Trade & Investment;
  • Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission;
  • Nigerian Export Promotion Council;
  • National Bureau of Statistics;
  • Nigerian Extractive Industry and Transparency Initiative (NEITI);
  • Central Bank of Nigeria;
  • National Population Commission;
  • Nigerian Customs Services;
  • Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission;
  • Miners Association of Nigeria;
  • Women in Mining;
  • Nigeria Mining and Geosciences Society;
  • Bank of Industry;
  • Federal Inland Revenue Services;
  • Nigeria Export-Import Bank;
  • The Academia;
  • Miners;
  • Investors; Artisans, communities, non-governmental organisations, multilateral agencies and other stakeholders.


  1. The strategy adopted for Go-Live is incremental in nature. Today we are unveiling the following: –


  1. Content Management System for the Ministry and its Agencies.


  1. Market Place comprising of Minerals Commodity Price, certified list of COMEG members, List of mining operators with valid licenses & related minerals they trade on etc.


  • Online Application of Licenses and Permit issued by Artisanal and Small Scale Department such as: Formalization of Artisanal Miners, Registration of a Small-Scale Operator, Registration of Private Mineral Buying Centres, Renewal of Private Mineral Buying Centres.


  1. Administration Module with Internal Document Management System, Development of Workflow Approval Engine, Integration between Main Portal and GIS portal, Development of electronic payment platform, GIS Portal – Executive Dashboard and Application portal, Payment Integration with REMITA, Helpdesk Solution – Live chat, Development of Internal Users Reports and Dashboard.


  1. World Class Data Centre at the Ministry’s headquarters.


  1. Geospatial database.


  • GIS mapping representation of geospatial data within the country;


  • Side stream along the mineral corridor (e.g. mineral occurrence, current infrastructure, land use & land cover, population, socio-economic data and lease titles already allotted for mineral exploration/exploitation;


  1. Collaborative tools;


  1. Activated Online Queries, Business Intelligence/Analytic and generate Reports and Statistical data;


  1. A Wider Area Network (WAN) with Virtual Private Network (VPN) that linked the Ministry’s Headquarters with all its Agencies has been completed.


  • Training of 75 staff on GIS across the mining sector has been completed.


  1. All the above deliverables would Go-Live latest by the 1st week January 2018.


  1. Other deliverables due within the first quarter of year 2018 include:


  1. Deployment and Training on ERP Solution;


  1. Deployment and Training on EDMs;


  • GIS Laboratory;


  1. Online Application of Mining Titles and Licenses issued by Nigerian Mining Cadastral Office;


  1. Online Application of Licenses and Permit issued by Mines Inspectorate Department, MMSD;


  1. Online Application of Licenses and Permits issued by Mines    Environmental Compliance Department, MMSD.


  • Stakeholders dashboard and reporting requirement;


  • Interface/Integration with revenue generating Ministries/Department/Agencies.


  1. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, with the launch of the portal today, Nigeria now joins the league of jurisdictions in the global mining space that have deployed technology towards achieving transparency and ease of doing business in mineral sector governance.


  1. I invite you to join us as we continue on this road to rebuilding this sector, unlocking its full potential, and making it one of the key sources of our future prosperity.


Thank you for listening.



Dr. Kayode Fayemi


Abuja, Nigeria | Thursday, November 9, 2017